Energy Saving and Renewable Energies

RITE provides solutions in energy saving, utilizing smart grid technologies and applications. Simultaneously, RITE’s pull of researchers has been investigating radical solutions for the optimization of integration of generation and storage options, with a special emphasis on renewable energy sources. Besides, the institution conducts scientific research in the field of behavioral analysis with the aim to shed light on electricity consumer’s perception and behavior in relation to smart systems, whilst providing consulting services to policy and decision-making institutions on how to design and apply policy reforms in relation to the aforementioned topics.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence carry the potential for minimizing product and service costs, thus facilitating and accelerating enterprises’ integral processes. RITE aspires to leverage artificial intelligence in the innovation process through the deployment of machine-learning applications and algorithms in order to serve the peculiar needs of various industries- from Healthcare Industry to Business and Agriculture. In parallel, RITE is seeking to investigate various types of Artificial Intelligence systems that are capable of bringing about significant repercussions in education, but also in cultural aspects of society.


Blockchain Technology

RITE employs Blockchain Technology as a versatile tool for social economy, investigating its various implications, such as tracing donations and fundraising; authenticating activities that are carried out from a distance, especially in the case of organizations focusing on education and training; certificating skills; preventing agricultural produce from counterfeiting through the identification of products.


Urban Planning and Sustainable Development

RITE conducts research to enhance policy institutions in sustainable urban development and planning, having set as a priority the alternative use of urban areas, within an ecologically sustainable frame. In addition, RITE provides solutions towards a socially sustainable system, capable of maintaining distributional equity, sufficient provision of social services, including equal opportunities for access to education and healthcare systems.


Visual Sciences

RITE designs Virtual and Augmented reality applications and tools, capable of converting the educational experience into an entertaining and immersive process. From another perspective, RITE utilizes the aforementioned technologies with the aim to offer simulation training for various professions and industries.



RITE is seeking to bring together highly trained individuals in the biomedical field with younger trainees in order to leverage the strong scientific background that already exists in Cyprus and expand it into the biotechnology sphere. With the aim to develop novel and profitable symbiotic relationships between scientists and entrepreneurs, RITE aims to foster the development of technological advancement in healthcare treatment, diagnosis and prevention.