About us

Research Institute for Technological Evolution (RITE) is an established non-for-Profit Research and Development organization, located in Nicosia, Cyprus. RITE has been created as a result of the collective experiences of distinguished scientists, Academics, innovators and social entrepreneurs who have been working for years in high-level Universities and Research Institutions, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The mission of RITE is to contribute to the conduction of scientific and applied research with the aim to reinforce innovation, technology transfer, knowledge consolidation and policy reform, as main catalysts for the production of social value.

Our six units are designed to provide open-minded professionals and collective groups from educators, innovators and researchers to educational and policy making institutions, civic society organizations and start-ups with holistic product solutions that employ cutting-edge technological innovations; while creating a fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge, scientific views and pioneering ideas, capable of leading to the contextualization of interdisciplinary approaches.

To that end, RITE team has been working towards the establishment of a co-working space to support the launching of its Business Incubator, underpinned by a series of accelerator programs, live labs and forums, targeting the new generation of social entrepreneurs, leaving no one behind with the ultimate aim to sustain a strong Entrepreneurial ecosystem of start-ups in the island.